Product Ownership & Team Management

Patrick Cormier

Let's Introduce Ourself

My Name is Patrick

Cumulating more than 10 years in product ideation, definition, ownership & development team management. My views on business needs and users journey rely on connecting dots, people and features together to develop better Value Proposition.

Understanding new markets and new fields are what gives me drive and success. 

I engage in consultation and product alignment as a playground to build and rethink business units.

Defining the right product is nothing without constant & efficient delivery, that’s where my sixth sense on team unicity & focus comes along. Providing context & vision to the development team is key and my many years of experience leading various size, background and knowledge team helps me enhance velocity and help to deliver value at every sprint.

Let’s discuss & understanding how I can support your product evolution, understand your needs and connect dots in a way that will grow your product while focusing and enhance your development team.


My Expertises

Have I’ve been active in many industries, thinking, analyzing and building different types of products for various clients & companies I excel in those.

Product Definition

Understanding the needs of the business along with the reality of the market is key.

Business Analysis

Discussing with stakeholders & understand their needs is key to build the right product.

Team Management

Providing context, understanding challenges and address the needs of the team all of this to achieve the goals and the deliveries targets.

Velocity Enhancements

Velocity is key to move the tram faster and efficiently, building trust and confidence will lead to better velocity and faster better deliveries.

Pricing Strategies

Products, price, place and promotion, economic patterns, competition, market demand and finally product characteristic all of this vector into building pricing models that will convert into revenue.

Go To Market Planning

Choosing the right distribution & marketing channels followed by promotion are very vital steps in a go-to-market strategy. Which distribution model to choose, what kind of support and services are required and addressing the possibility of creating a competitive advantage.

Usage Analysis

Growing usage is key once you release the product to the market. Understanding the usage will help define the gap & build better features in the future.

Change Management

Process, tools & techniques to manage the people side of change to achieve the required business outcome. Implementing organizational tools that can be utilized to help individuals make successful personal transitions resulting in the adoption and realization of change.


Companies I worked with

As a consultant or as a hired employee, those are the clients that I support in their growth and evolution. Defining products that will move them forward and help their team get to a better velocity and more focused atmosphere.


My Experience

I believe in a diverse range of personal to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Portfolio Optimization


Client Workshop


Pricing & Value Proposition writing


Go To Market Strategies


Product Definition


Team Management


Compliance Analysis & Requirements


Team Velocity Enhancements


Contact Me

I welcome you to contact me for more information
about my services.